Technical Issues

My first post on Jan 8, 2014, was up and running in about 10 minutes.  I was happy to see basic information up so quickly.  After a few weeks I went back to the site and saw I had a comment from a family member and a classmate.

I decided to make the site more professional looking and better organized for the task at hand.  I changed WordPress themes.  A short while later my front page picture changed suddenly.  I looked up how to change the code to get it back.  After spending an inordinate amount of time I “realized” all of the code information was not applicable to my free site at WordPress.  Coding is only available you own your domain site (may get that later).  I finally fixed the wrong picture issue with a WordPress free site menu option.

My next issue was my “About” page (sourced from my Gravatar Profile).  It was showing up in the wrong places in my new theme and was also too long.  I had to go back to Gravatar and shorten the profile, and then use the free tools in WordPress to position it to better locations.

As much as possible, I tried to use a direct link to resources and articles in my posts.  Sometimes this wasn’t possible.  There were resources that could only be accessed while logged in through a student ID to EBSCO.  In some cases, I could download the file as a pdf and upload to the site, however some of the material had no option to be downloaded.

Our assignment asked us to use APA format wherever possible.  Unfortunately, the free WordPress theme I chose, does not seem to support APA.  I tried indenting paragraphs and copying (with text in Times New Roman 12 point, double spaced), and  each time it reverted back to the default text style.  I will investigate this issue further before choosing a theme next time.

On my first Skype calls, I made the same mistake twice.  I had my headphone ear buds still plugged into the computer jack, from listening to audio files.  When I started the Skype calls, I could not hear my colleagues, because I needed to unplug the ear buds.

I have learned a tremendous amount about using WordPress and Skype. I feel much better prepared to use this technology going forward with my next projects.


About bobmccar

I have a B. Ed. from UBC. After teaching in private schools, I started instruction of business applications at BCIT evening courses. I later began a business development role, specializing in technology solutions for the education market. Over the past 15+ years I have done business development and consultative sales for IBM, Sun Microsystems and other large high tech companies. My focus has been on small, medium, enterprise and educational organizations involving current technology solutions, disaster recovery and information security. I recently completed the Consulting Research Group (CRG), Assessment Systems Certification Course. This has given me the ability to assist clients understand themselves and improve their communication with executive leadership, co-workers, family, and friends. My consulting services include Executive Coaching, Leadership, Management, Team-Building, Sales, Customer Service, Career Planning and Personal Development. I am currently enrolled at Vancouver Community College in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIPD) to better understand the rapid changes underway in the world of education.
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